ATBPO was founded in 2005 in Moscow, Russia. We develop software and create software products for multinational companies which support client’s processes and systems.

Our goal is to provide high quality and tailored to specific client’s business features solutions.

We aim to long-term cooperation with our partners and strive to define common objectives for every solution.

Our services: consulting, software development, outsourcing, allow us to create unique multi-skilled teams for each project.

We provide support for developed systems and for active solutions aligned to SLA.
We develop web and mobile applications and back-end API for multinational companies according to their specifications. We are experienced in working with the global IT structure of companies and carefully consider all the requirements and design the process in the most optimal way.
Operations and responsibilities for major company processes aligned to SLA performance. More than 10 years experience in changing management processes and implementation in BPO projects for multinational companies in finance, IT, logistics and document operations.
We can produce everything for your business needs from email templates to videos. Our multi-skilled specialists provide clients with the expertise required for any sort of media production.
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  Maria Derteva, General Manager
115054, Moscow
Ozerkovskaya embankment,
50b1, office 320
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